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Text Allarah at 520-349-4884 for details, more info and registration and to schedule a 
FREE phone consultation for questions and more information(must be pre-scheduled).


2 hour classes taken individually or as part of Shamanic Healer Certification (Pre-registration required).

ShamanicJourney- (2 to 4 pm) Location: Largo

Through Shamanic drumming you will travel to the invisible worlds, beyond ordinary spirit guides/angels and/or power animals who will guide you in a journey to manifest change, healing and transformation, in any area of your life that is calling for it at this time. 

Therapeutic Drumming- (2 to 4 pm)- Largo

We begin with deep breathing/relaxation and focusing on a fun piece of music. In an Alpha state, we focus on the beat and begin to lightly drum, at first until comfortable going deeper. Some simple drumming techniques will be taught that balance left and right brain, as well as some drum exercises that combine various beats with chanting affirmations and more! A very fun class enjoyed by everyone! 

Receiving your Soul Name: 2 to 4 pm)- Largo
Learn about star lineages. Participate in a special meditation to receive your soul name- embody the energy of your Higher Self. You will write the name you receive and share it with the group, followed by group chanting of each person's name, A life-changing workshop!

​Other topics coming up: (Text Allarah for dates)

*Acupressure for Health.

*Auricular Acupressure/Hypnosis.

*Transformational Dance/Movement therapy.

*Chakra Cleansing/Balancing/Healing.

*Basic Self-Hypnosis

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.

*East Indian Mudra Techniques

*Past Life Regression.

*Qi Gong for Health.

*Manifesting through Spiritual Mind Treatment (5 step affirmative prayer).

The Temple for Spiritual Evolution (Allarah's Ministry) Presents:

Shamanic Awakening Reiki/ Sound Healing Certification Course (Levels I, II and Master/Teacher Level)

with Allarah Shashona (AKA- Allarah LaVelle) -Ordained Metaphysical Healing Minister/Certified New Thought Practitioner/Reiki Master

                                                                                **(Must  Pre-register)**

                                                                                    NEXT DATE FOR LEVEL 1:

                                                                              APRIL 20,2024 (1PM TO 6 PM)

                                                                                    NEXT DATE FOR LEVEL 2:

                                                                      JUNE 2024 (Exact date to be announced)


Shamanic Awakening Reiki/Sound Healing is a Spirit-Guided process

of balancing /centering/raisinAg your vibration and healing techniques channeled

by Allarah.

  Breath and Movement

     Qi Gong

         Shamanic Sound Healing Techniques

    Usui Attunements and attunement with new channeled symbols

       Reiki Drum Attunement (Bring open-back drum if you have one)

           Traditional Healing Positions

Ancient/Shamanic as well as Traditional Reiki Healing Principles

Ask Rev. Allarah about Metaphysical Healer Ordination and Shamanic Awakening Professional Certification

Personal Investment: $222 (can be paid in installments)- speak to Allarah about this)-

Discounts available when referring friends to the class.


You will receive a comprehensive manual, created by Allarah and a beautiful frameable certificate through the

                                                                                   Temple for Spiritual Evolution (Allarah’s 

Ministry)- (Ask Rev. Allarah about Metaphysical Healer Ordination and/or Shamanic Sound Healer Ordination)

For more information or to set up a FREE Consultation, for details and answers to questions

Contact Rev. Allarah at (520) 349-4884 or email her at:

IG: Allarah Shashona


Shamanic Awakening Reiki II -(Pre-requisite: Shamanic Awakening Reiki I)

Shamanic Awakening Reiki is a Spirit-guided process of balancing and raising your vibration, through techniques of breath and movement, qi gong  and Shamanic healing techniques combined with traditional Usui Attunements, healing positions and healing principles.


Reiki attunements infuse you with the LOVE vibration and clears your channels, to be used as a conduit for Divine Healing Energy. Each attunement raises the amount of energy coming through your hands. Reiki Level 1: 25% of Universal energy, Reiki II: 90%.When you reach the Master level you will be channeling 100% of the Universal Healing Energy possible for us to send out while in the vessels that currently hold our spirit. Many healers deplete their energy during healings. When you channel Reiki you will not feel drained (especially at the Masters level), because you are using Universal Spirit energy instead of your own.


Healing can be practiced long distance as well as in person, and works wonderfully for humans, animals, plants and even electronics. It will enhance your success when added to other modalities such as massage, hypnotherapy, crystal healing or any other type of healing work.


  • Smudging, the 4 Directions, balancing/centering movements

  • Students will discuss their Shamanic Reiki practice since attending Level I (self-healing and healing others)

  • Brief review of the Reiki positions and Shamanic tools

  • Allarah will teach the Reiki II symbols and other symbols she has channeled for this level

  • Students will practice writing the symbols 

  • Attunements for Reiki II and Shamanic symbols

  • Students pair up and practice using the new symbols


Next Reiki II Certification: Saturday, July 22nd- (1 to 6 pm)

Pre-requisite: Shamanic Awakening Reiki I - Personal Investment: $222


***You will receive handouts to add to your Shamanic Awakening Reiki manual as well as a beautiful frameable certificate through the Temple for Spiritual Evolution (Allarah’s Ministry)***


For more information and/or registration contact  Rev. Allarah at (520) 349-4994or by email her at:

Dance of the Spirit (Transformational Dance/Manifesting Dance)
Based on Allarah's book "The Dance of the Spirit- Healing, Releasing & Manifesting Through Movement and Sound"

Experience the Dance of your spirit!
FEEL the music! BECOME the music! FEEL the energy of the Divine!
Allow Allarah to guide you in the experience of your life! Learn to use mudras, sacred symbols and special stances and poses that balance yin/yang, male/female energies.
FEE:  $22  (Contact Allarah for dates/locations).
Planetary Transformation Events: (See Http://

Come join us for an afternoon of drumming, spirit dancing, meditation, breath-work and prayer, with the intent of raising Mother Earth and all of her children to a higher vibration (various spiritual teachers will share their gifts with the group)
Join us as we send our powerful energy to manifest the changes we'd like to see in the world.
We invite all healers, musicians and visionaries, light workers and all loving, passionate beings who are pure of heart. Lets create a vortex of light and spread it far and wide!
POT LUCK/ Bring drums or other sound instruments if you have them. 

Contact Allarah for next dates and locations.

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