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Therapeutic Drumming
You will begin by experiencing the bliss of Reiki Drumming on your body and your chakras, bringing you into a wonderful, relaxed state. You will then be guided in breathing techniques that will further relax you. Allarah will instruct you in a fun, easy drumming techniques,which you may incorporate into your drumming practice(or not, as you choose). The music will start to play and you will begin to drum(lightly, until you master the beat, and then louder (always being conscious of the breath), and being guided by your spirit.
Allarah believes the drum has a spirit of its own. She can attune you to your drum, using Reiki attunement (private sessions can be scheduled for drum attunements, shamanic healing/Reiki drumming sessions and/or Hypnotherapy/Spiritual Counseling

Dance of the Spirit (Trance Dance/Healing Dance)
Based on Allarah's book "The Dance of the Spirit- Healing, Releasing & Manifesting Through Movement and Sound"

Experience the Dance of your spirit!
FEEL the music! BECOME the music!
FEEL the energy of the Divine!
Allow Allarah to guide you in the experience of your life!

Let go and allow the drumbeats, and your breath, to guide you into a state of ecstacy, where you know yourself to be
ONE with the Creator! You may connect with angels, guides,and/or power animals, that will guide you on your journey. You will learn poses, stances, breathing techniques and movements that will assist you in dancing your prayers into manifestation. Some past participants have even reported instantaneous past life recall, during ecstatic dance movements.
FEE: Donation only (Suggested donation: $22)Classes currently being taught in Clearwater and St. Pete. 

Planetary Transformation Events
Allarah, organizer of Global Planetary Transformation events is back in FL after 14 years in AZ and is organizing local events once again.
Come join us for an afternoon of drumming, spirit dancing, meditation,breath-work and prayer, with the intent of raising Mother Earth and all of her children to a higher vibration. 
Join us as we send our powerful energy to manifest the changes we'd like to see in the world.
We invite all healers, musicians and visionaries, light workers and all who are pure of heart, passionate beings. Lets create a vortex of light and spread it far and wide!





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