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(NOTE:  The results of sessions such as the ones below are always a surprise to both myself and the client. I  do not take any responsibility for the results of a session, as it is 100% dependent on the client's ability to use the power of his/her mind. The session is simply geared towards enhancing the power of the clients mind to deal with addictions, physical or emotional pain/PTSD, or just about anything they choose to release or enhance and to  manifest their desires using the Law of Attraction to enhance their lives. A Counselor /Hypnotherapist acts as a "coach", and is not a "miracle worker'". The results totally depend on YOU.

P.S. These and dozens more testimonials are available for clients to read in a binder I keep in my office.

Testimonial from Alicia Salazar (Methamphetamine/Crack Use)

7-31-09 (Hypnotherapy/Spiritual Counselling)

It was amazing to me, when we first met, after one session I felt "cured." I know there is no cure and an addict is always an addict, but that is how I felt. Allarah, the things you taught me and the way you did the session was so intense! After that first session I just didn’t want to use anymore! I just didn’t need to.

People said, "Oh, you are just hypnotized. It can’t be that you don’t want to use!" But I didn’t. It was like magic. You taught me to value myself, and all the spiritual teachings, like the Law of Attraction and remembering that we are all LOVE and all ONE just worked! You taught me to look at what was underneath it all. And no matter what I’ve been through and how I have been hurt and all my problems, all I had to remember was that I AM LOVE and I am the one that is creating the "movie" of my life the way I want it to be. And that is all I wanted to look at.

It made me look at things differently and even made me respond differently to people who were not nice to me. In the past I would get nasty with them, but not anymore. I think it gave me a little attitude adjustment as well. And when Neil (my boyfriend) relapsed, instead of relapsing with him which is what probably would have happened in the past, it just made me stronger. It actually made me stronger to see him weaken, cause I said, "Why am I going to stoop to his level?" I was also able to be a support for him and he was able to stop eventually.

The sessions with you helped me in such a great way! I stopped with the very first session, and the other sessions that came after just made me stronger and helped me to deal with everyday problems as they came up, but I never wanted to use after the first one! It was just like magic and also of course, it was me wanting to change. It just worked. My family is proud of me, and I am proud of myself!!!I hope this can be a testimonial for others out there who think they can’t stop. There IS help out there if you just want it bad enough and Allarah’s type of counseling, her hypnotherapy sessions and spiritual guidance really work!

We all love you Allarah - Alicia, Neil, Angel & Renee (my babies). You are such an awesome person in our life!!! You made me who I am today!!! Luv you! (One year clean and sober)

Alicia Salazar   ***You have my permission to share this and to use my full name***

Testimonial for Hypnotherapy/Energy work from Sandra Hicks- Tucson

I am so grateful to be able to share with you and others the incredible physical healing experience I had when I came to you for a session.  In 1999 I was diagnosed with a large malignant tumor in my breast. Consequently, I had an operation to remove my left breast, then chemotherapy and radiation. The whole ordeal lasted for about 6 months and is an experience that will alter the rest of someone's life.  Every year I have a bit of anxiety about having a mammogram, but this year was different. I had been feeling a lot of discomfort in my other breast, the kind that is scary. I am a Reiki II so I had been doing lots of Reiki on myself, yet the pain and discomfort would come and go. I held my breath as I called to make the appointment to have the pictures taken. The radiologist took two pictures and made a verbal expression of surprise at how dense and cloudy the breast tissue looked. All she said was, "we will have to call you for more pictures" and sent me out the door. Sleep was not easy that night but nor had it been for several weeks prior, my anxiety now was at a new high. This is when I called Allarah for a Hypnotherapy/Guided imagery/sound healing session. I really didn't know what to expect but was open, willing, and ready to receive a miracle, and a miracle is what happened that day! Allarah lead me through a guided visualization, then she started drumming and then using rattles, tuning forks, bells, chimes and other sound instruments on me. I felt like I was floating in total bliss. The sounds of the instruments resonated deeply into my soul, my body hummed and vibrated to each tone. I was totally in the experience of harmony and movement. After some time I heard her voice bringing my awareness back into the room. When I got off of the table I felt totally different, my breast tissue felt totally different. All discomfort was gone and has not returned since. I was not anxious about returning a couple of days later to the radiologist to have more pictures taken. I knew in my heart that everything was alright.

Here is what happened: I immediately was taken to a radiologist tech that had been doing this for a long time. We went into the mammogram room, this time she took several pictures at every which angle and position that I could contort my body into. She made no comments about what she was seeing, but I stayed relaxed and amazingly calm. Now we went into the ultrasound room, with the same tech, she began scanning my breast. Now she finally spoke, "I can't see anything, I'm looking every where and it all looks clear, all of the tissue is clear," her voice had a tone of surprise. I just kept smiling and silently praying words of thanksgiving. I received not one but two calls from different techs in the lab that day telling me that there was nothing to worry about, all of the pictures were clear and looked good, we will just see you in a year for your next check up.! I know in my heart that this would not have been possible without the assistance of Allarah to guide me to this healing. I am so grateful and impressed with Allarah's ability to intensenly focus Reiki and healing energy in the most sacred and purest form that I have chosen her as my Reiki Master Teacher and took the Reiki Master/Teacher class with Allarah on 9-7-09. To find someone so pure of heart and dedicated to the healing of all life is truly a blessing for us all. Thank you Allarah!

 Sandra Hicks- Massage Therapist/Tucson-AZ


Last spring I broke two ribs. My doctor suggested I restrict activities for approximately 6 wks. to 2 months. This was particularly painful, because the top left floating rib and the one above it were broken. Consequently I could not wear a brace or wrap my ribs to help with the pain.
I had registered for Allarah LaVelle's Hypnotherapy Certification course and four days prior to it, I called to tell her that I didn't think I could attend. She suggested that I come and have her help me with the pain.
True to her word, she used me as a subject when demonstrating the "Mental Laboratory" technique- a versatile hypnosis technique that can be used for many things including pain control. Also, during the break she continued to work on my broken, painful ribs- this time doing Reiki on them. The combination of hypnosis and Reiki were incredibly helpful! The pain was gone!
I returned home and the next day I went back to my doctor and asked him to x-ray me again. When he did, we compared the x-rays to the ones he had taken a week before. The break was obvious on the first set of x-rays and there wasn't a trace of the rib fractures on the second. Thank you Allarah! You are a miracle worker! Sylvia Collins- Counselor / Master of Social Work, Jacksonville, FL

Testimonial for EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) from Martin J. (from Marana State Prison group I used to run).

NOTE: This testimonial was from 2011 and when I left that job in 2013 Martin was still playing Basketball and running several miles a day around the track and telling everyone about the session (Last name has been omitted for confidentiality, even though the inmate signed his full name and gave permission to "share it with the world", but I am legally not allowed to do so).

I hurt my knee about ten years ago. I was pushing my car that had broken down. My friend was steering the car while it was on neutral and the car moved to the right. My knee got twisted and I had been having pain in it for years. Several months ago, Ms. LaVelle was teaching EFT (tapping on meridians combined with affirmations) one night at the voluntary Stress  Reduction/Healing class that I attend, she asked for a volunteer that was experiencing some kind of pain. I volunteered and she demonstrated the technique in front of the class. After doing the tapping as she guided me to do, the pain stopped. It has been several months and the pain never came back. EFT is a great technique to get rid of any pain(and for many other things like addictions, chidhood issues, etc). 

When I used to try to run I would only make it so far because my knee started to hurt. There are NO words to explain the satisfaction of being able to play basketball, and run again, etc., and not feel the pain.

When you taught the Mental Lab technique another Friday night, I tried it on my own on Saturday night and went into my own world leaving everything behind to sit in a place of peace and quiet, having a real relief and a place to 'breathe' and let my mind go where it wanted to. I told a lot of the guys about it and they don't believe it. I just tell them, "you just have to try it".

I want to thank you Ms. LaVelle because without those teachings I would still have that pain and wouldn't be playing Basketball.

Sincerely, Martin J.

Testimonial for Reiki and intuitive animal communications From Linda Dills-Tucson, AZ.

NOTE form Allarah: I love to help animals any way I can. This is one of the services I offer as an animal Reiki/ intuitive practitioner.

I have known Allarah for many years and have sought her help and guidance for animal  communication and  Reiki several times. The first time was about a cat I had rescued with a few others from a dangerous area in the city and tried to relocate them to a farm. One of the cats went missing from the farm, he was called Nala at the time. He had not been at the farm very long and I  feared the worst. I literally looked everywhere. I asked Allarah for help. She  told me that Nala was alive but was scared and hiding close by. She felt a deep connection to Nala and sent him Reiki to help comfort him and give him courage to return. I wasn't sure what to think and I sure didn't expect to receive a call after a week or so of Nala being lost in coyote country that he had returned to the farm!! Seems that he was scared of the big dogs that ran around the farm and one day when the dogs were confined due to workman being there, Nala knew he could return to find food for awhile! I was overjoyed that Allarah was right! Nala was alive, he had just been scared and was hiding nearby waiting for the opportunity to avoid the dogs! The story doesn't end there though, because Allarah had also felt a special bond between her and Nala, at the same time I knew that the farm would not be the right place for Nala. I asked Allarah if she would like to meet him, she did and she adopted Nala, gave him his new name of Alex for Alexander the Great and gave him the loving safe home he deserved. I will always cherish what  Allarah did for me and for Alex/Nala forever. I have consulted with Allarah many times after for other animals since she helped Alex and I appreciate her help very much! Linda D - Tucson, AZ

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