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Sessions with Allarah:

Allarah adjusts your treatment plan and techniques used, to fit your personal belief system. Allow Allarah to guide you in releasing past traumas/ personal issues/compulsions/addictions or problems and adopt a new, more positive mindset that will lead to personal transformation!

If you don't believe in God/Higher Power/Angels, Guides, etc., we will work with your own belief system to assist you in creating a powerful mindset to heal, release and manifest your desired outcome.
If you are a spiritually-minded person, you will be assisted in putting your faith in God/Creator/ Great Spirit (or whatever you call your Higher Power) to create the changes necessary to live your best life! Allarah will act as a Spiritual Coach to guide you in transformation!  All major religions have taught that we have been created with "God energy" and that energy is within us. 
We have been endowed with the ability to create our life as we choose it. Allow Allarah to show you how to use your God-given gifts/talents to the best of your ability! Using positve mindset, affirmative prayer, Reiki, Shamanic drumming and sound healing with various instruments played on your body, chakras and aura for quick release of what no longer serves you. We hold the memory of trauma in every cell of our bodies. Traumas can be big or small (from something a schoolmate said to hurt you, or judgemental statements from parents, siblings or others, to some very painful abuse issue/PTSD. Some of these have been carefully hidden deep inside by safety mechanisms you adopted as a young child, that you may not remember. All of it adds up to blockages and energies that are easily released through sound and other trauma release methods. Allarah has been trained as a Trauma Release Practitioner by Shamanic as well as traditional therapy methods. 
***Many testimonials available upo
n request.***

Virtual sessions available through a HIPAA compliant portal, for those not in the local area. In-person session
s available if near Largo/Clearwater, FL area.

Contact Allarah for a FREE consultation to discuss your particular issues and needs and to set up a session.


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