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Sessions with Allarah:

Allow Allarah to guide you in personal transformation! Learn how to LET GO of the old ways of thinking and pick up NEW, more positive habits. Put your faith in your Creator/ Your Guides/Angels/ Your Higher Self (or whatever you choose to call your Higher Power). All major religions/beliefs have taught that we have been created from “God energy” and that energy is within us. We have been endowed with a wonderful gift: the ability to manifest our good, simply by going within and accessing that Power- the LIGHT and LOVE that is at our core! You are not ordinary! You are LOVE and LOVE is what you are made of! When you learn to acknowledge who and what you truly are - the being you were MEANT to be, will emerge! When this begins to happen, you cannot help but get excited and feel GRATITUDE. It is that very energy of gratitude that is the key to manifesting.

You will learn to easily and effortlessly release negative thought patterns that impact your behavior, complicate relationships and prevent you from manifesting your prosperity, abundance, health and well-being.

Some modalities used: Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization,  EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique), MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy for Addictions, Anger and Domestic Violence issues), Spiritual Mind Treatment(Affirmative Prayer) , Shamanic Healing, Reiki,  Chakra Cleansing/Balancing through Guided Imagery,Reiki Drumming  and sound healing, Qi Gong instruction and many others.

A personal treatment plan will be created for you depending on your needs and beliefs.

If you don't believe in God/Higher Beings, Angels, Guides, etc., we will avoid those subjects. Allarah adjusts techniques to fit your personal belief system. Quantum Science has proven that our minds are powerful, and we manifest what we think about. We are like radio towers sending out a particular frequency depending on what we focus on. 


**NOTE: Some of Allarah’s clients  who don’t believe in a Higher Power, have been pleasantly surprised by the changes that took place, simply by changing negative thought patterns they were consistently focusing on. Allarah has a large toolbox of simple, time-tested, evidence-based techniques and will create an individualized plan depending on your beliefs, your issues and situation. Most start seeing results after the very first session. 

      1 hr. session: $125     1 1/2 hrs. $175

      Sliding Scale: $80 TO $125 (income-based)

       Discounts/Payment Plans Available


Call or Text Allarah for your FREE consultation and to set up a session today!



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